Who we are!

Having a production capacity of approximately 18 million tons per annum, AFCET Animal Feeds, chemicals u0026amp; Fertilizers is one of Denmark’s leading animal feed manufacturers. We are an organization with the collective purpose of adding value to the lives of our customers, dealers and employees. All our feed mills are ISO9001 certified and conform  to AFCET regulations. AFCET Animal Feeds is committed to their Quality and Food Safety Policy and strives for continuous improvement.


AFCET Animal Feeds, chemicals u0026amp; Fertilizers is supported by a central laboratory which utilises state of the art equipment together with a high standard of analytical methodology to provide accurate results for all analyses performed on samples of animal feeds, chemicals u0026amp; fertilizers both in raw material and on finished feed formats. Animal feed samples received by the laboratory are tested for concentrations of protein, moisture, minerals, fibre, fat, soya quality and amino acids to name a few, with results compiled into a detailed report.




Our Vision!

As one of the leading supplier of Animal Feed, Chemicals and Fertilizers industry, We aim to serve livestock and poultry producers with research based and proven animal feeding solutions – supported by skilled employees, dealers and sales staff who are accountable to the ongoing success of our customers and stakeholders. To guide a responsible, aware, forward thinking company, we strive to measure all we do to meet our Guiding Principals:

Constantly seeking for new collaborations and partnerships.

  1. Investing opportunity
  2. Ru0026amp;D collaboration
  3. Distribution network
  4. Sustainable organic bioconversion solution for your company
  5. Interested in joining our team
  6. Orders or information about our products


History of Beginning!


From research and development, to delivery and mill operations, to dealer service and transport, we strive to hire the best of the best. With over 11 years of quality, proven results-backed feed inside the bag, along with responsible business decisions and leading industry innovations have strengthened our company over time.  We are proud to have helped grow livestock herds, poultry flocks, back yard animals and pets – and we couldn’t have done it without committed and passionate people who continue to strengthen
Animal feed suppliers and support the farmers and ranchers day in and day out.