Broiler Finisher Feed – 2 (43 Days Onward)

Feed with higher calories and balanced protein gives better growth with less consumption of feed.

Age of the Birds (in Days) : 43 Days to onward
Energy Kcal/kg : 3225
Moisture (% Maximum) : 12
Crude Protein (% Minimum) : 19
Calcium % : 0.80
Available Phosphorus % : 0.40


Particulars Specification
Product Form Nutritional Parameters Basis
Product Branding “Doctor Star”
Net Weight 50 Kgs When Packed
Outer Packing Poly Propylene
Price Offer On Ex- Factory Basis
Mode of Payment 100% Advance

Minimum Order Quantity Lorry Load
Ingredients : Maize, Gluten Meal, Wheat Gluten Meal, DDGS, Soy Meal, HP Pluses, Essential Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals, Toxin Binders and Mold Inhibitor