Eastern green mamba snake venom

50 grams (Min. Order-Negotiable)

How nature’s deadliest venoms are saving lives
Uses: inhibit platelet aggregation and the coagulation cascade, treatment for congestive cardiac
failure Price is per Gram The is a 25% of all orders above the minimum quantity order(gram)Minimum
Order Quantity is 4 Gram N.B Certificate of origin available on request at $50.00 per certificate.
Liquid forms also available


Other species:
Deinagkistrodon acutus ( Agkistrodon acutus venom)—–Blood circulation toxin–$100/gram
Naja atra (Chinese Cobra venom)————————Mixed toxin————–$70/gram
Daboia russelii ( Russell’s viper venom)—————Blood circulation toxin–$99/gram
Gloydius brevicaudus ( Agkistrodon halysr venom)——-Blood circulation toxin–$70/gram
Bungarus multicinctus ( Narrow-banded krait venom )—-Neuro toxin————–$380/gram
Bungarus fasciatus venom ( Banded krait venom )——–Neuro toxin————–$320/gram
Trimeresurus stejnegeri ( Medoggreenpit-viper venom )–Blood circulation toxin–$320/gram

Packaging Details: As per customer Demand/Specifications
Packaging : Venom sold in vacuum sealed glass vials of 100 mg, 500 mg and 1 gram.
Lead Time: 3-5 days