Humic Acid Fertilizer

Humic Acid Granular

$260/ Metric Ton
Minimum order: 25 Metric Tons


Humic Acid Details:
Humic acid 65%
Organic Matter 70%min
Granular Size 2-4mm
100% Nature Leonardite Origin

Humic acid benefits:
• Efficiently and easily absorbed by crops
• Effectively regulates and improves soil quality
• Improves the utilization of other fertilizers
• Promotes crop growth, improves crop yield and quality. Generally
increases food crop yields, by more than 10 percent, with an early
maturity of between 5-7 days. Increases cash crop yields by more
than 20%, with an early maturity of between 6-8 days.
• Enhances crop resistance to disease and lodging
• Reduces nitrates, nitrites and heavy metal content of the soil,
improves the nutritional quality, nutrient intake and quality of
agricultural products.
• Improves soil aggregate structure, increases the number of
beneficial microorganisms and organic matter content, reduces soil
bulk density, loosens soil, conducive to water retention, aeration,
provides the best conditions for crop growth

Supply Ability: 1000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Packaging Details: Available in 25kg/paper bag or plastic woven bag.